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The Obligatory Google+ Post

The nerdosphere (a place I proudly call home) has been on fire the last two weeks with the introduction of Google+, the search giant’s latest foray into social media. There’s a lot of talk about it being a Facebook or Twitter killer, but here’s my take:

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The Social Media Numbers Game

One of my first jobs when I was fresh out of college was as a marketing assistant at a Sci/Tech publishing house. The main focus of the job was basically finding targeted direct mail lists in niche markets like organic chemistry, landscape management, wastewater treatment, and various human organ disease treatments. Exciting stuff, huh?

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Good News: Your Blog Stinks (But So Does Mine)

Procrastination is the Kryptonite to blogging’s Superman. We’re all guilty of it; you get caught up in the everyday business of running your business, and yet another day goes by and your poor, lonely blog sits idly by, neglected until you ignore it tomorrow.

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Save Money: Avoid the Creep

Scope creep, project creep, requirement creep, whatever you call it, it’s always a budget and timeline buster. Videos are no exception to creep; in fact, they’re probably more susceptible to it than other projects. Maybe it’s the novelty of seeing a camera crew on-site, but as soon as the lights go on, it seems like everyone in the office suddenly gets another great idea for the video, and just as suddenly, the 5-minute employee orientation video becomes a 45-minute epic rivaling Cleopatra in both running time and cost.

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Coleman… The Origin of Social Networking?

Just caught a spot while watching The Deadliest Catch that caught my attention… which is saying something these days. The spot for The Coleman Company (THE camping equipment folks) makes the bold claim that Coleman is “The Original Social Networking Site”… well, actually, I’m not really sure if that claim is about the website or about any campsite using Coleman equipment, but that’s not the point of this.

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Dear NYC Post-Production House:

Dear NYC Post-Production House:

I would address this to you by your company name, but of the three people who just called me (within 5 minutes) on your behalf, none could speak English well enough for me to understand. Not that I didn’t ask each of them to say the name of the company again; it’s just that they chose not to respond to my question, they just continued on with the script.

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On Being Fearless

How can I put this delicately?

There really is no way to… err… Have you ever been or known a 10-year-old boy? (Or or a 40-year-old one?)

Ummm….. Well, there really isn’t anyway to be delicate about this one. If you follow the link below, you’ll see that it’s:

  • puerile
  • sophomoric
  • uncouth
  • indelicate
  • One of the funniest holiday campaigns you’ll see this year.

Harry Hoover from My Creative Team, Inc. twittered an innocuous little post:

Sometimes I can’t believe I get paid to do this:

The only word I could come up with for my reaction was Gobsmacked. Yes, it is funny, and yes it should drive traffic to the site. I was gobsmacked by the guts it took to pitch this to the client, BernzOmatic, but even more gobsmacked at the guts of the BernzOmatic folks to OK the campaign.

So kudos to BernzOmatic, and to My Creative Team. Now, how can I pitch something like this to the folks at The Gutster?

Marketing is fun sometimes.

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When in Doubt…Specialize

A couple of recent things have got me thinking about specialization. (Wow, what a lofty first sentence.)

EventDV July 2008 IssueThe July issue of EventDV magazine arrived on Friday, with perhaps the most memorable cover story I’ve seen in quite a long time: “Brian MacKenzie: Unicycling Glidecam Videographer.” Now, I’ve been at this video thing for a while, but I’ve never put those words together in one sentence. Talk about a specialist.

What struck me as I read the article, was just how matter-of-fact it is to him. Here’s a guy who just combined two of the things he does, that’s about it, but to us uninitiated folks, it seems like such a far-fetched combination, that no one could possibly put them together successfully. Well, he has, and seemingly quite well. Brian’s website is, if you’re looking for a Unicycling Glidecam Videographer.

The second thing that got me a-thinkin’ was a brief conversation with Tom Clifford (aka Director Tom,) who called me after I congratulated him in a blog comment on his new blogging gig at FastCompany. Like most conversations with video guys, the conversation turned to: “So what are you shooting these days?”

I told him about an ongoing project we’ve been doing for the Dome-Tech Group and one of their clients, Columbia University on their newest building Studebaker Hall. We’re documenting all of the building systems (HVAC, Fire Control, Building Management System, Plumbing, etc.) with reps from the installation companies for future reference; so 10 years from now, when a new boiler tech starts, he/she has access to just how each system works as-installed.

Tom seemed genuinely surprised when he said he’d never thought of that as a use for video before. (I’m paraphrasing) I suppose that’s one of our specialties here at Brunswick Media Services, but it never really struck me as anything out of the ordinary. For the most part, we do industrial & corporate video, which means on any given shoot, we’ll be crawling around a manufacturing facility taking shots of machines in action… a la Dirty Jobs, but without the slick on-camera hosting. So it was pretty natural for us to move into this kind of video: we know a bit about the machinery, we know a bit more about the video, voila: our specialty.

Sure we’ll shoot just about anything our clients need, but we’re at our best wearing steel-toe boots, and proper PPE with some Super-Axe-Hacker cranking away in front of the camera.

So what’s your specialty?

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Tales of cellos, organizational performance, and Lavado de manos

One of the best things about this business is the broad range of businesses and topics you have to get to learn about during the course of any given day/week/month.

I wish I could remember who said it, it may have been Harry Beckwith, it may have been Tom Peters!, but “you never know where your clients will take you business.” Case and point(s): December 2007 – January 2008:

Organizational Performance

Altus Training Solutions
We just completed the web site for this training and organizational development firm in Camp Hill, PA. Earlier in 2007, we did the logo design for them. In the market for a little team building? Give Susan a call at Altus Training Solutions… and yes Susan, I think you have the coolest business cards in all of Camp Hill as well.


Ashley Bathgate
OK, so this one is still technically in the works… We just launched the web site for this amazingly talented young cellist in advance of her Carnegie Hall debut in February 2008. In addition to the web work, we’ve designed the concert poster, post-cards, and are currently working on the program for the evening. Check out a few of her performance videos on her YouTube Channel.

Lavado de manos

Perhaps the most challenging (in a good way) project has been the translation of the Hartz Mountain Corporation cGMP video for the Bloomfield, NJ facility into Spanish. Since the last time I read this much Spanish was 5th period in St. Thomas Aquinas HS my Sophomore year, we were lucky to find a great partner in CTS LanguageLink. Oh, BTW… Lavado de manos = Hand Washing.

and the rest

As they say, meanwhile back in the studio…
– Currently working on the finishing touches to a promo video for a totally rad, local 80s cover band Amethyst
– Localized a few TV spots for the State Theatre in New Brunswick, NJ.
– Assorted ongoing projects with various organizations great and small…

Gotta run and do a press check, shoot a couple of scenes, debug a javascript, and whatever else comes up today.

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Solid Thinking on Video Production

I’m a little late to the party with this, but well…no excuses.

If you don’t know about Thomas Clifford, you should. Tom is a corporate video producer, OK, some would say he’s THE corporate video producer.

I “cyber met” Tom through Squidoo, and his lens Corporate Video & Remarkable Storytelling last year. Right off the bat I knew I liked this guy, and his take on corporate video production.

Last month (August 2007) Tom published a “manifesto” through ChangeThis called Bring Your Brand to Life: Harnessing the Power of Remarkable Corporate Video Stories which is not only the most helpful guidebook I’ve seen for people thrown into the “go out and make a video after you finish your real job” cauldron, it neatly sums up the way you should be approaching all of your corporate communications.

I’m HIGHLY recommending it for all of our current and future clients.

Go download it now from ChangeThis, or from Brunswick Media Services.